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¿Heatcrete o sales fundidas?

This article is the first in the series Panel of experts, a space in which two specialists expose your opinion on a topic proposed by CSP Today. On this occasion, Juan Barragán (NEST AS) and Mark Schmitz (TSK Flagsol Engineering GmbH) debate the following: Heatcrete or molten salts? Heatcrete - Juan Barragan, [...]

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Abengoa in South Africa

Abengoa, which has built the plant and is in charge of its operation and maintenance, has 51% of the project. Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), one of South Africa's largest financial development institutions, owns 29% and Khi Community Trust controls the remaining 20%. Abengoa has put into operation […]

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The thermal power plant of record record

The solar thermal energy has increased its production of electricity by 2015 to reach an output 5.113 GWh in the year cumulative. This figure, at 89 GWh higher than registration of 2014, enables solar thermal energy to consolidate its share of contribution to the coverage of electricity demand in Spain (in lathe [...]

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Fundación Repsol

Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund

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