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REP-Energy Solutions was established in Madrid, Spain, with the mission to provide specialised services in materials for thermal storage and high temperature corrosion under extreme conditions, focusing primarily on the following areas:

  • Sale of molten salts to companies in the energy industry.
  • Industrial technical assistance through fault analysis and material assessment.
  • Maintenance and control, on-site tracking of corrosion caused by molten salts.
  • Environmental control of processes, through environmental analysis and continuous use of plants.
  • Support for companies to develop renewable energy projects helping decision-making related to materials and processes.

At present, the technology-based company (TBC) REP - Energy Solutions is the first national company to offer complete solutions for solar thermal plants, providing innovative heat transfer fluids, new material/steel technology and online corrosion monitoring.

Fundación Repsol

Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund

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