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REP-EnergySolutions and renewable energies. About us:

REP Enery Solutions is a technology-based company ("spin-off") of the group "Engineering Surfaces and Nanostructured Materials" of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid, with more than 20 years of experience in corrosion and high temperature processes.

REP Enery Solutions develops in the field of surface and process engineering, corrosion control and applied research for industries operating in aggressive atmospheres. These studies are aimed at final industrial application. As a result of these works, innovations are generated, such as new systems for thermal storage or sensors for the monitoring of corrosion, in real time, of steels. Always, putting in value and solving technological needs of different industries: energy, chemistry, aerospace, naval and transport.

The following schemes develop some of the fundamental lines and activities of the company.


Climate change is a global ecological problem. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is one of the main actions entrusted to most governments around the world.

For the above, it's important to go towards CO2-restrictive technologies for electricity generation, involving more renewable energies in the world energy mix, improving the processes and materials of energy companies and industries working in extreme conditions, such as high temperature, pressure or highly corrosive media.

Some of the renewable and conventional energies have development costs and high maintenance due to corrosion phenomena, which lead to unplanned electrical production stops. Improving materials and process control is critical on the road to its technological maturity.

Solar thermal energy stands out among renewables because, unlike other clean energies, it can generate electricity even when the natural resource is not available, as it is capable of connecting to a thermal storage systemthat accumulates energy as heat in "molten salt" tanks

REP-Energy Solutions, from his experience, he is aware that thermal storage systems have the key to competitiveness in different industries, including thermosolar, and works by providing material engineering services to increase the compatibility of storage media and container steels, reducing production or power generation costs. Always integrating environmental aspects into the design and development of the product.

Our objective is to provide the thermal electricity generation industry with solutions that increase efficiency and reduce the costs of electricity production, which will help these renewable technologies have a greater participation in the world energy mix and a positive social and environmental impact given the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the areas of molten salts for energy applications, thermal storage, and materials that operate in conditions of extreme corrosion and high temperatures. Our efforts have been especially intense in the last few years and several innovations have been patented.

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry's needs, provide technical assistance, consulting and participating in national and international projects.

Among other merits, the patent set with industrial application of REP-Energy Solutions, has made it recognized, nationally and internationally, as Innovative SMEs.


Fundación Repsol

Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund

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