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technical assistance

Increasingly, industries are required to go hand in hand with a company that is responsible for power correct and solve technological and operational problems, which in terms of fluids and materials present.

The molten salts, used as thermal storage media, are integrated into the plant separately, and their subsequent treatment is critical. REP-Energy Solutions accompany the customer, among others, advising on:

  • The evaluation of changes and adjustments to salt chemistry.
  • The determination of the optimum temperature merger
  • Mixing order
  • Heating rate (oC/min)

Additionally, REP-Energy Solutions Provide Advice to any industry in the sector that requires, among others:

  • Microstructural characterization materials.
  • High-temperature corrosion tests in: mixtures of gases, steam and molten salts.
  • Physical-chemical studies energy-storing materials.
  • Corrosion monitoring at high temperatures. Equipment that is installed in the plant being able to control the degradation of the material.
  • Service failure analysis.
Technical assistance to the industry

Fundación Repsol

Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund

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