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REP-Energy Solutions is a company currently being incubated by Repsol entrepreneurs Fund to develop new molten salts for thermal storage

shutterstock_99207374From all the patented formulations several have been selected for implementation in central towers and parabolic troughsCompared to the mixtures on the market they provide:

  • Better physical-chemical properties.
  • Much lower corrosion potential.
  • They increase the working temperature range by approximately 50%.

Thanks to the support of the Repsol Foundation, we have patented and developed a dynamic molten salts pilot plant to obtain industrial validation and material compatibility certificates with actual components, prior to the industrial stage.

This project is based on over 20 years of experience in the field of materials and processes for the energy industry. For nearly 10 years, we have been deeply involved in solar concentration projects and through forums, conferences and meetings with companies, we found that the weak point of this technology is precisely the temperature range for energy storage and therefore in the engineering of molten salts.

The innovation, aside from using traditional salts or samples, comes from using Nanotechnology and the whole process is based on life cycle assessments (LCAs) to observe the environmental parameters of our fluids.

The prizes we have been awarded by the Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fundfirst for one of the best "innovative ideas" and then for one of the best "business projects", have confirmed and reinforced our confidence in this project.

This project will make it possible for solar concentration plants to become the primary producer of electrical energy in ten years

Fundación Repsol

Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund

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