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REP-Energy Solutions has worked in the field of molten salts for over 20 years, conducting specific studies on the problems of carbonate, chloride and sulphate corrosion, among others, as well as thermal storage capacity, in the energy production sector.


Over the last few years, several ternary and quaternary mixtures have been developed with the potential to be used for solar energy storage:

  • New innovative formulations with a wider operating temperature range; formulations for parabolic troughs and central towers.
  • Improvement of the physical-chemical properties of salts currently used.
  • Increase in heat capacity.
  • Innovations thatmake it possible to operate at higher temperatures (700ºC).
  • Formulations with lower corrosion potential.
  • These innovative mixtures are PATENTED.

They can be used in tower solar thermalinstallationsand can increase plant efficiency up to 50%, reducing the Kwh unit cost.

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